Elica Annual Report Elica SpA is European leader in the production of cooker hoods . is a special website designed to host the Elica Annual Report 2012 (it isn’t a part of an existing website). Inspired by the theme of Oxygen as a symbolic element of purification and lightness, the site looks like a set of micro-topics that are reconfigured each time you log in, in a range of different (random) positions and sizes in order to offer the visitor a constantly evolving order of reading. Each section of the Annual Report was in fact split into small modules of information, which are displayed in many boxes that form a virtually endless navigation page. By clicking on a box you switch to reading in detail, and you can proceed to a horizointal or vertical layout of the content: further down the page, the system offers other boxes with related topics, managed through the allocation of keywords for each topic-box. At the bottom of each bot you will find: - an indication of the selection it relates to; - the option to share the topic through social media; - the option to action an internal "LIKE”. From the drop-down menu located to the left on the browser window, you can set up different views of the page.
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