The Minimetrò of Perugia is a city’s light transit system that consists of only one line. It is connected from Perugia’s historic center to an ample parking area. Each of the seven Minimetrò stations was architecturally designed by Atelier Jean Nouvel (Paris). The signage project was developed by Zup Associati which includes the conception of an original graphic system to identify each station, metro line maps, identification of the directional signage, sign positioning, sign material and dimension, the development of a system of icons necessary for security signs (mandatory exit maps, requirements and prohibitions), and informational signs to connect to other stations. In the conceptualization of the graphic system we were extremely attentive to the architectual aspects of the structures. The stations have been designed with strong lines and forms. The surface has an intense tactile and visual feel. We decided not to introduce new elements, like sign holders, but to take advantage of the existing structure and the enormous metal panels at the stations. It was our precise intention to make the signs visable in a harmonious way with the surface, like if it were one object. Cliente: Minimetrò SpA Designers: Andrea Medri, Lucia Roscini, Marco Fagioli.
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