MULTIVERSO The visual identity project of Icograda Design Week Torino 2008 (October 13-19) was developed around the theme of Multiverso. “Multiverso” means “many ways” in which culture and action can live together in a diverse and frequent unpredictability: a world regulated not by univocal laws, but made of potential differences. Multiverso’s image speaks like Salvatore the monk, the dulcinian heretic in the novel “The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco, who expresses himself in a mixed and twisted language. The visual identity of Icograda Design Week Torino is a mixture of signs, images and forms all connected and disconnected in a forever changing architecture. There are three main ideas: 1. The world/universe, intended as a shape, that is always changing but still contains everything. 2. The visual language, that is transversal to spoken language and is not an unchangeable sign. The smooth and modular Multiverso-font is intended as a transition in which an infinite composition of images is nothing more than the ideal representation of the spoken language’s different pitches and rhythms. 3. The characters, that are the true center of attention at the Icograda Design Week. Multiverso is a collage of people, a magic cube of faces and characters who gave mind and voice to the days in Torino. Cliente: Aiap (Associazione Italiana Progettazione per la Comunicazione Visiva) and Icograda (International Council of Graphic Design Associations). Designers: Andrea Medri, Lucia Roscini, Marco Fagioli.
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